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high efficiency detergent| Powerful powder with cheap price

Here we are going to introduce you with high efficiency detergents than conventional detergents.These materials are called HE terminals.Maybe it's time for your washing machine to leak water?Or do not get good clothes at the end of the work?Here it is necessary to know that the production of high foam in the washing machine causes problems such as:• Make holes in the floor of the washing machine by foamy water• Remaining of the floor on the door of the washing machine or the door after the completion of the work.• The lack of complete floor cleaning on clothing that creates stains, unpleasant smell on clothing and itching on the skin.• Remaining some water in the washing machine that causes the clothes to dry dry.Please join us to get an affordable offer.

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detergent powder ingredients | Chemical formula of detergent powder & production process

A detergent powder ingredients is a surfactant or a blend of surfactants with cleaning properties in weaken arrangements. ... detergent are normally accessible as powders or thought arrangements. detergent, similar to cleansers, work since they are amphiphilic: somewhat hydrophilic (polar) and mostly hydrophobic (non-polar). Fluid Coldwater clothing detergent contains four catalysts intended for this reason: protease, amylase, mannanase and pectinase. Then again, the powdered variant of Tide Coldwater does not contain any catalysts, according to the producer's fixings posting.  detergent powder formula  includes : Sodium Carborate. Carboxy Methyl Chloride or Cellulose. Sodium Perborate. ... Aroma. ... Shading. ... Foam delivering Chemical 

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