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Price details of detergent companies

Do you want to know about liquid washing detergent? Are you interested in getting some interesting information about laundry detergent powder, and laundry detergent price? Machine and manual laundry powders after that they the chemical powder is manufactured in the factory, go to the packaging section and there are so many beautiful and elegant packages that differ in size. Obviously, the larger the size of the packaging, the higher the powder inside and the higher the price of detergents; on the other hand, the price of laundry powder differs slightly from brand to brand.

Price details of detergent companies

What cleans better liquid or powder detergent?

What cleans better liquid or powder detergent? We have two general choices for washing clothes if we turn a blind eye to a variety of brands. Either we have to use laundry powder or laundry liquid. Traditionally, economically, perhaps the first choice for many families is powder, but in today’s world, the laundry market is also evolving.

  • Laundry powders have higher cleaning and staining properties
  • when faced with very powdery, thick, and hard stains, it is best to use machine powder

Therefore, it is not suitable for black clothes and fine clothing and non-stationary colors and in these cases washing liquid is recommended. If you want to use laundry detergent for washing colored or florid clothes, you can use bleach-free detergent (Bleach) to maintain the color and shine of your clothes. But for soft, regular fabrics and daily scrubbing with low pus, the use of laundry fluids is more reliable to protect the fabric texture. Especially if you are looking for a detergent for regular laundry, it is the best choice for washing liquid. Another advantage of liquid detergent is that it dissolves rapidly in water and spreads uniformly throughout the surface of clothing.

Review of best detergent powders in Iran

Review of best detergent powders in Iran  The use of detergent powder in Iran goes back to 1960. Since then, the use of detergent powder has increased with increasing awareness and culture. The first detergent powder manufacturing unit was established in the year 1969 by the name of Darugar Company, and in the following year, Paxon and Paknam companies entered the market with the aim of producing a detergent powder. At that time there were two types of hand and machine powders in Iran, each of which had three common, special and special uses. By the year 2009, the product as part of market-regulated commodities, and the government-subsidized the producer to protect the consumer. After the price was liberalized, manufacturers were able to produce other types of powder, such as for colored clothes, black, 5 enzymes, 7 enzymes, and so on. On the other hand, by changing the standard of detergent powder from the formulation to the performance or production unit, they were able to make changes to maximize efficiency and production at the lowest cost. This change in standards has given manufacturers more freedom to act.

Can we use all detergents for white clothes?

Can we use all detergents for white clothes? Aromatic vitreous with a fragrance-free material prevents the smell of chlorine gas, making it easy to work with, as well as refreshing your home and work environment. Contaminates your clothes, sheets, and fabrics after washing like white snow and miraculously stains them. Vitrex can be used for cotton, linen, rayon, nylon, erlone, and dacron. Avoid wool, natural silk, and leather. How to bleach a washing machine: After washing the first step by machine, add 1/4 cup of Vitex with a dilute water dilution to the machine to rinse the clothes again.

Best liquid washing detergent for black clothes

Best liquid washing detergent for black clothes  Washing black clothes can be a real challenge as everyone is concerned about blondes or dyeing black clothes. But with a few tips, taking care of the black outfit can be very easy. To get started, divide your clothes into several categories before washing according to color. Wash dark clothing with cold water and choose a good detergent for black clothing. You should always hang clothes to dry. Washing and drying your clothes properly will keep your black clothes healthy and beautiful. But for protection from black clothing, it is best to use a black and dark detergent. Washable liquids protect the color of your clothing and if you use quality products, your clothing will not become discolored.

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