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best cleaning laundry detergent| Top 10 High Performace Laundry Detergent On The Market

Do you want to know about best cleaning laundry detergent? Are you interested in getting some information about best cold water laundry detergent, worst laundry detergent, and best fabric softener? These days, when we go to the grocery store for detergent, we come across a variety of different detergent brands that make it difficult for customers to compete with each other. We have two general choices for washing clothes if we turn a blind eye to the variety of brands. Either we have to use laundry powder or laundry liquid. Traditionally, economically, perhaps the first choice for many families is powder, but in today’s world, the laundry market is also growing.

  best cleaning laundry detergent| Top 10 High Performace Laundry Detergent On The Market

Oldest laundry detergent producing countries

Oldest laundry detergent producing countries The oldest laundry detergent producing countries can be found in online stores due to their background in the global detergent powder market. Usually, the oldest manufacturers are the manufacturers that have the best product, but to determine which manufacturer has the best laundry detergent 2019 should be compared. In the early 1970s, with the introduction of foreign detergent powders into Iran and the gradual introduction and replacement of this industrial chemical by families rather than the traditional detergent, some active and related chemical companies were interested and invested in research, and Use of technical knowledge and technology of its production domestically. In this regard, one of the leading manufacturers of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics in the Middle East with the largest detergent production capacity, established a detergent unit, Laundry Laundry in 1980, and launched its first shipment at a ceremony called Sea Caravan. With the increasing market demand and the need to increase the production capacity and variety of detergents, the Detergent unit was registered as Tully Press Co. with an annual capacity of 75,000 tons of laundry powder.


History of laundry detergent using in human’s life

History of laundry detergent using in human's life The introduction of soap as the first cleaner goes back centuries, but population growth and human attention to health have made the production of soap or soap detergents not naturally responsive to consumption and need. As a result, non-soap detergents came on the market in the early 19th century.

  • The first commercial detergent was introduced in the German market in 1878 by the name of Brazil by Henkel.
  • The introduction of synthetic detergents into the market was owed to the advancement of science and chemicals during World War I, as well as the severe shortage of fat for soap production.
  • The first country to produce synthetic detergents was Germany, which produced and supplied alkyl naphthalene sulfates in the name of tenside.
  • The late 1920s and early 1930s saw the emergence of laundry powders with the manufacture of alkyl aryl sulfonates and the emergence of alkylbenzene sulphonates after World War II. Was.

How to know the cleansing power of detergents?

How to know the cleansing power of detergents?In recent years competition in this sector has increased between different brands. Manufacturers of powders may need to provide a more precise classification of their products. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the ways to identify the best washing machine powder. Unfortunately, the manufacturing companies are looking for more attractive words on their packaging rather than looking for functional information on their products. Today, manufacturing companies use terms such as “enzyme”, “active in cold water”, “high cleaning power”, “high foam”, “controlled foam”. That these keywords are never the right guide for the end consumer to choose the most appropriate and the best washing machine powder.

Buy Laundry detergents directly from factories at low price

Buy Laundry detergents directly from factories at low price These days, due to the busy work and lack of time, most people cannot travel to their desired province to buy the bulk of their products, including laundry powder, and incur high costs to find their supplier. Instead, you dear customer and colleague can easily and easily purchase the following washing powder you want: phone call, Telegram communication, Whatsapp, SMS, email, Social Networks, And…

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