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best detergent powder| Most powerful wash powder in Europe 2019

Detergents are substances that cut off particles of fat and pus from cloth or other objects and are made in different types. The first substance made as a detergent was soap. Soap life lasts for hundreds of years. The last known soap dates back 2000 years. It has been 700 years since soap was built in large quantities in industrial form, and for 200 years it has been transformed into a classical and modern form.
Considering the development of societies and communities, the form of detergent was completely changed. Nowadays you can find divers kinds of cleaners and detergents in different colors and scents. One type which is widely used, is detergent powder. This substance is so popular and common for washing clothes and any kind of cloth.
As some problems may happen when using detergents, it is notably important to consider some cautions prior to use them. Thus, choosing
best detergent powder must be noticed.best detergent powder| Most powerful wash powder in Europe 2019

different kinds of detergent powder

different kinds of detergent powderDepending on applications, there are different types of detergent powders. In general, two main groups of detergent powder are used by customers and people. Those wash powders that used in cleaning machines and those powder used for hand-washing.
The difference between handheld powder and those used in machines is in their combinations. Indeed, the washing powder can be dissolved very quickly in the water, but powders used  as hand-washing powders should be well soaked and require 10 to 15 minutes to completely dissolve in the water and remove the clothing spots.
Typically, hand-washing powders produce more foam than washing machine powders. Occasionally, the intensity of this foam is so high that it drains from the washing tank and into the electrical and electronic parts of the device, causing serious damage to the device.

important quality factors of detergent powder

important quality factors of detergent powderWhile many detergents are claimed to be safe products, but, according to research, a large percentage of them are chemicals and compounds that can be extremely harmful for children.
These compounds can enter the stomach or through the respiratory tract to the lungs, and their association with diseases such as vision problems and some cancers has been proven. Others also have hydrobothic ethanol, which absorbs the skin through the skin. In addition, it harms the eyes and damages the red blood cells.
 Thus, it is significantly important to consider crucial factors relating to detergent powder.

how to choose and buy detergent powder

how to choose and buy detergent powderPowders that are non-standard, or in other words weaker, produce two main problems. They either damage the cloth or have a low power of cleaning. In worse case, it damages the fabric and causes clothing decay. A powder that does not have adequate production standards will, in the long run, cause clothing deterioration. For the same reasons, it is important to recognize the best powder in the daily life of the washing machine.
Sometimes the lack of knowledge of the washing machine powder causes mistakenly the use of colored garments from white cloth powders, which can damage the color of the fabric and causes the clothes to wear out more quickly than usual.
Thus, it is significantly important to choose a standard and suitable detergent powder to use. It is enough to go to common shopping centers and buy famous and standard brands.

most dominant detergent powder in Europe

most dominant detergent powder in EuropeThere are several detergent powder which are dominant in European countries. They are widely used by consumers because of their quality and power, besides the minimum negative aspects. If you enter a shop, you can easily find store shelves that are packed with dozens laundry detergent brands in powders.
Although there are many different brands, a few brands are most popular and dominant in Europe. Firstly, tide laundry detergents or tide coldwateris the first in the list. Secondly, Persil is known as another popular brand. Seventh Generation, all, Gaun, Arm and Hammer, Tide Simply Clean, Purex, Woolite, Ecos laundry detergents are other popular and dominant brands respectively.

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