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detergent powder making raw material| powder making marginal cost + material cost

Since ancient times, the use of mechanical detergents for washing clothes has been commonplace. In Italy, a mixture of charcoal, sulfur and water was used to wash clothes. Egyptians used ash and silica for washing their clothes. The Iranians used the roots of the hawthorn for washing. Soap was the first human-made chemical to wash. Soap is obtained from the reaction of concentrated fat or animal fat and has an organic source. The discovery of soap goes back to centuries BC, and no exact information is available about the time and place of its discovery. The entry of industrial detergents into the market owes the advancement of chemical science and industry during the First World War and severe fat loss for soap production. Detergent powder making raw materials are different and we will introduce some of them to you.

detergent powder making raw material| powder making marginal cost + material cost

best material for detergent powder making

best material for making detergent powder makingThe first country to manufacture artificial detergent, Germany, was the producer and supplier of alkyl naphthalenesulfonates. There are different ways and methods for producing powder detergents such as, spray dryer, rotary dryer and mixing. These three methods are the best methods for producing powder detergents. Each of these methods have their own raw materials. The ‘spray dryer’ method is more common and easier than other ways. The raw materials that you need in the spray dryer method is as following:


  • Castique Soda
  • Sodium Silicate
  • Sulfonic acid 96%
  • Acrylic Acid / Malic Acid
  • Fatty alcohol Mole 7 (Optional)
  • Mono Ethanol Amide Coconut  (Optional)
  • Enzymes
  • Essential oil

Powder materials (solids): 

  • Sodium carbonate
  • Zeolite
  • Sodium carbonate
  • Sodium sulfate
  • CMC
  • Soaps
  • Optical Bratnier
  • Bentonite
  • TAED

More powder materials come into the factory as a junk bag. The transportation of powdered materials is carried out by the forklift truck at the factory.

different detergent powder needs different material

different detergent powder needs different materialPowder detergents were marketed about half a century ago, and their presentation was a very important step in improving the health and well-being of individuals and communities. The detergent powder is a homogeneous mixture of various raw materials that are found in the form of beads or granules, and are used to wash fabrics, fibers and surfaces. Powders are generally cheaper than other detergents. Powders are more durable than liquids, and allow you to store and buy in bulk, which saves you money. Powder ingredients such as bleach and surfactant are more stable. But the powders do not easily dissolve in water and cause white patches on the clothes, unless you use hot water, which requires more energy and energy when using hot water. Each type of detergent powder has different raw materials. The formulation and methods for producing is different for each powder detergents.

raw materials fo making detergent powder

raw materials fo making detergent powderAs the technology progresses in washing machines, brands of detergent manufacturers have also been working to make better and newer detergents for selling in the global market. First, the laundry detergents that came into the market were powdery and it continued until the years , and now most of the laundry detergents are powdery. Two types of washing powders are available in the market, one for use in a washing machine and the other for washing clothes by hand (hand powder).There is a difference between hand and machine powder in their combinations. As it was said detergent powder making materials are different and you should talk with experts for buying these raw materials.

material costs and marginal costs of making detergent powder

material costs and marginal costs of making detergent powderThe washing machine powder is easily and quickly dissolved in water, while the handmade powder needs about 5 to 10 minutes to completely dissolve in water and eliminate stains. Detergent powders have a wide variety of varieties, each of which has different properties depending on its application. Be careful to choose a good powder and get better results than standard powders made for specific uses. As it was said there are several types of detergent powders in the global market that the cost of each of it is different from other ones. So, if you want to have information about the prices it is better to talk with dealers.

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